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End the illegitimate use of drones. The number of petition signers will empower people and organizations to have moral leverage when talking to others about ending drone violence. The Clear Skies Initiative. petition (hosted on is your tool for getting the the word out to family & friends, main stream & other media outlets, and elected officials, that drone programs are illegal, immoral and counter-productive.

Sign the petition below by scrolling down and filling in your information. Your information will remain private (unless you choose to disclose your name and city). This will show how many people are against the drone programs, and will give organizations and news agencies a practical number to refer to when they say “X number of people have signed the anti-drone-violence petition. It will also give moral leverage for people and organizations when they demand their elected officials to take action against the drone programs.

What can you do after signing the petition?

  1. Encourage everyone you know, via email, facebook, twitter, etc., to sign the petition by sharing one of the following links:
  2. Talk to Family & friends (Use the links within the petition to educate yourself and others about the statistics on military use of drones against civilian populations, and the opportunities for its abuse by domestic agencies)
  3. Write articles, blog posts, letters-to-the-editor. Submit comments on news articles and other online content. Artistically and creatively express your opposition to drone violence.
  4. Contact Your Federal, State & Local Elected Officials (Tell them about the Clear Skies Initiative. Demand an end to drone violence)






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For more information, statistics and anti-drone activities, explore the following resources: (EXPAND: Links, Videos, Graphic-Stats)…