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Image Source: salem-news.com

Muslim-Jewish Solidarity During the Holy Days

by Hesham El Meligy October 2014 Muslims and Jews have much in common.  Yes there are differences, but there’s much more in common than what you think.  The differences, especially as of late, are more political than religious.  There are those who are fanning the flames of these differences; And there are those who would …

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hyphenated american

A Hyphenated American

A HYPHENATED AMERICAN by Priscilla Galstaun­-Khader     I’m not racist, nor am I a bigot I love and respect you, Muslim-­American but your prophet is evil. Why don’t you denounce renounce condemn repent Seek redemption for what you represent? I’m not racist, nor am I a bigot I love and respect you, Muslim­-American but your religion is primeval. Why are you silent impenitent reticent maleficent Not groveling and obsequiant? I’m not racist, nor am I a bigot I love and respect you, Muslim­-American But you people are of the devil. Why do you radicalize demonize victimize martyrize take up arms and antagonize? I’m not racist, nor am I a bigot I love and respect you, Muslim­-American But the Qur’an is medieval. When will “your people” stop maiming killing bombing attacking And eulogizing beheadings? I’m not racist, nor am I a bigot I love and respect you, Muslim­-American But your Shariah is venal. When will you go back to where you came from take with you your lonesome faithless perdition and leave us alone, some, to our way and tradition? I’m not racist, nor am I a bigot I love and respect you, Muslim­-American But you’re not getting my approval. Don’t you know, how you will never measure up …

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A Tale of Two Murders: Moore, OK and Media Bias

OH LOOK!!!!! Someone did something stupid or violent that happened to be Muslim, time for everyone to freak out. Yes, today in Moore Oklahoma 30 year old Alton Nelson, drove to his previous place of employment, hit a car, then went inside and murdered two people, before being put down by someone carrying a gun. …

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GOP Condemnation

Oklahoma Republicans call out their own…..CAIR ignores it.

By Will Coley In the last few weeks some pretty crazy things have come from higher ups in the OK GOP. In particular comments made by OK GOP State Rep,John Bennet. Referring to Islam in America as, ‘a cancer that should be cut out’. Now this is nothing new to nativist rhetoric, rabid nationalists and …

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Why Moozlums No Condemn Terrerizm

Why Don’t Muslims Condemn Terrorism?

                  By Ramy Osman September 2014 This question is frequently posed by non-Muslims in the media and in public forums. At times it’s non-Muslims asking each other this question. And at times it’s a question posed to any Muslim they encounter. Rarely is the questioner genuinely wondering …

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Promote Digital Literacy in Afghanistan with Bitcoin

By Davi Barker July 2014 It’s no secret that I have my doubts about the validity of paper money. I just don’t see how a paper note printed by the Federal Reserve is any different from a paper note printed by Parker Brothers. This has an important effect on how I calculate my annual Zakat. Zakat …

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Does Israel have the right to exist?

People ask this question as if Israel is a unique State in the world, as if the answer to this question is some kind of divining rod indicating one’s position on Middle Eastern politics, or the Jewish people. In reality these things are irrelevant to the question. Does Israel have the right to exist? Of course not. …

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My Complete Correspondence with Dave Gaubatz

This year, on Halloween, I was contacted by Dave Gaubatz, author of Muslim Mafia. It’s a rather long, poorly reasoned book that mostly boasts about the number of documents his son, Chris Gaubatz stole from CAIR’s national office while masquerading as a convert to Islam (They call that taqiyyah in anti-Muslim circles). I read his book, …

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Tasa’eer, the minimum wage, and Islam.

In the modern political world in the west, we see many ‘progressive muslims’ raising various political banners, in condemnation or support, of a whole host of issues. Many times advocating a position regardless of the stance of Islam on these issues. A new favorite area for the modern progressive Muslim to hoist his/her banner is …

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This meme was created using a cartoon by Carlos Latuff, from latuffcartoons.wordpress.com. M4L modified the cartoon (by changing the hand gesture to be the Islamic reference to One God). The prisoner images were taken from “The Guantanamo Files” by the Guardian

When Humanity Has Failed You, The Only Thing Left to Do: A Guantanamo Call to Prayer

. By Ramy Osman June 2013             It’s not a stretch to say that 90% of Guantanamo prisoners have nothing to do with terrorism. There have been 779 inmates held in Guantanamo since 2002. Over 500 hundred have been released without the government compensating them or attempting to restore their reputation. To this day (June …

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