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Lies, Lies, and Damnable Lies

PEOPLE OF GOOD WILL SHOULD CARE ABOUT THE TRUTH by Craig Dawkins I have grown weary of the constant assertion by Islamophobes who insist that Muslims have a duty to mislead non-Muslims as a practice to destroy them. This is not only untrue, but is often an intentional lie which only leaves one option for …

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It’s ‘15 goin’ on ‘84

It’s ‘15 goin’ on ‘84 by Priscilla Galstaun-Khader It’s a new year but don’tcha know Nothin’s changed here Life’s still the same for the blacks, reds and browns and the truthers, yo Downside up, right is wrong It’s ‘15 goin’ on ‘84 for a while now Shake off the sleep, look in deep There’s no …

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The Tortured (A Poem by Priscilla Galstaun-Khader)

The Tortured By Priscilla Galstaun-Khader From Abu Ghraib to the shores of Guantanamo Bay from anonymous black sites to CAR prisoners locked away. We are the tortured. From the black man lying dead on the streets of New York screaming “I can’t breathe!” to a twelve year old boy who met a similar end because …

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I Don’t Hate Muslims, Just Islam

“I don’t hate Muslims, just Islam”. It’s a familiar trope heard on radio, and seen often in social media. The bigot’s defense of their hatred, thinly veiled as disdain for ideology, rather than people. Growing up in the south east, i heard similar tropes from local racists growing up. “I don’t ‘hate’ black people, I …

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“Lines Drawn”, Civil War In Oklahoma Over Anti-Islam Hysteria

There is an ideological war raging in the national liberty community, over the the use anti-Muslim animus, and the politics of fear For the last few months, Oklahoma has been a center of Anti-Muslim hysteria. Long before the unfortunate, and heinous attacks, of the obviously mentally ill Alton Nolen, influential Republicans were hoisting the Anti-Islam …

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OK Liberty Candidate Teaches Muslims the Proper Way to Make a Point. **UPDATED**

Many times in life we’re given choices,chances to define who we are as individuals, what we’ll stand for, and what we won’t. We all hope that when put into that position, that we’ll have the courage, and dedication to conviction and principle, to put those before “going along”. Unfortunately too many times, those who wish …

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Oklahoma in Reverse, East Tennessee Tea Party Attends Muslim Hosted ISIS Townhall

Today many of us are overwhelmed, the current sustained level of fear, and outrage expressed around the country. From hatefests in Oklahoma, and Utah, to the very real violence in the Middle East, many Muslims are suffering from outrage fatigue. All the more reason when something good comes across the radar, to bring it to …

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Ebola, Islam, Immigration, and Oklahoma’s Politics of Fear

Last night Muslims 4 Liberty Oklahoma’s Priscilla Galstaun-Khader attended the Securing America Town Hall in Tulsa OK, hosted by Republican Congressman Jim Bridenstine. Here is a summary of her experience, and thoughts on the event. Herodotus: “In peace, sons bury their fathers; in war, fathers bury their sons.” Congressman Jim Bridenstine, representing Oklahoma’s First District …

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Muslim-Jewish Solidarity During the Holy Days

by Hesham El Meligy October 2014 Muslims and Jews have much in common.  Yes there are differences, but there’s much more in common than what you think.  The differences, especially as of late, are more political than religious.  There are those who are fanning the flames of these differences; And there are those who would …

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hyphenated american

A Hyphenated American

A HYPHENATED AMERICAN by Priscilla Galstaun­-Khader     I’m not racist, nor am I a bigot I love and respect you, Muslim-­American but your prophet is evil. Why don’t you denounce renounce condemn repent Seek redemption for what you represent? I’m not racist, nor am I a bigot I love and respect you, Muslim­-American but your religion is primeval. Why are you silent impenitent reticent maleficent Not groveling and obsequiant? I’m not racist, nor am I a bigot I love and respect you, Muslim­-American But you people are of the devil. Why do you radicalize demonize victimize martyrize take up arms and antagonize? I’m not racist, nor am I a bigot I love and respect you, Muslim­-American But the Qur’an is medieval. When will “your people” stop maiming killing bombing attacking And eulogizing beheadings? I’m not racist, nor am I a bigot I love and respect you, Muslim­-American But your Shariah is venal. When will you go back to where you came from take with you your lonesome faithless perdition and leave us alone, some, to our way and tradition? I’m not racist, nor am I a bigot I love and respect you, Muslim­-American But you’re not getting my approval. Don’t you know, how you will never measure up …

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A Tale of Two Murders: Moore, OK and Media Bias

OH LOOK!!!!! Someone did something stupid or violent that happened to be Muslim, time for everyone to freak out. Yes, today in Moore Oklahoma 30 year old Alton Nelson, drove to his previous place of employment, hit a car, then went inside and murdered two people, before being put down by someone carrying a gun. …

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GOP Condemnation

Oklahoma Republicans call out their own…..CAIR ignores it.

By Will Coley In the last few weeks some pretty crazy things have come from higher ups in the OK GOP. In particular comments made by OK GOP State Rep,John Bennet. Referring to Islam in America as, ‘a cancer that should be cut out’. Now this is nothing new to nativist rhetoric, rabid nationalists and …

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